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 Take a windbreaker even summer.
 Cnsider clothing carefully when trekking onRebun Island. Itssaststys as Japan's northemmost island means it sometimes gets windy, and it can be chilly even in the summer months. Even if it is hot enough for short-sleeved shirts during the day, the temperatyre can drop rapidly at night. Ajumper or long-sleevsd sweater is a must in spring (May and June) , a sweatshirt or windbreaker is needed in summer (July and August) and a long-sleeved sweater is advisable in September. Please be careful of changes in weather conditions .
 The trekkingcourses on Rebun Island do not have shops selling meal boxes and drinks, so please don't forget to bring these with you. Please be aware that toilets are also few and far beteen.

Trekking Rules
Protecting the natural environment of Rebun Island together.
 Check your trekking roule before you start, and sure to follow the regular route without straying onto side roads. Please do not touch or pick flowers, although you may photograph them. Watch your step in adverse weather condotins, e.g., on rainy days (or the day after) or in strong wind, or in poor road condions.