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Momo-iwa Observatory Course//Course Going around the Capes of Rebun/Mt. Rebun-dakeCourse 

Rebun Forest Road   Map
Kafukai-side Entrance to Road~Colony of Rebun-usuyuki-sou~ Motochi-side Entrance to Road~Kafuka Ferry Terminal

 Discover the beauty of Rebun-usuyuki-so flowers.
 To see Rebun-usuyuki-so flowers, take the Rebun Forest Road Course .
This route of approximately 8 km extends along the southern side of island from the Motochi-side Forest Road Entrance to the colony of Rebun-usuyuki-so and tothe Kafuka-side Forest Road Entrance. and is rich in these flowers.
 With magnificent views of Mt.Rishiri and the sea stretching east and west, the course is characterizred by an impressive landscape in which the mountains meet the blue of the ocean.
Recommended highlights include the white Rebun-usuyuki-so and red keyflowers, of early summer, as well as the contrast between MT.Rishiri and the yellows Solidago virgaurea flowers in autumn.
 The countless blooms and the beautiful, towerung sight of MT.Rishiri from the Rebun Forest Road make for fascinating scenery.