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Momo-iwa Observatory Course  Map
Kafuka Ferry Terminal~Momoiwa Observatory~Motochi Lighthouse~ Shiretiko

 A recommended trekking route on Rebun Island is the Momo-iwa Observatory Course.
 The approximately 2.5-km trail,which stretches from Momo-iwa Observatory to Mtochi Lighthouse,is a treasure-trove of alpine plants.
 Trekkers in the southern area of the island can see an abundance of flowers along this course,which is characterized by a wide variety of such plants one after another by season.
 Anemone narcissflora var.sachalinensis in spring.
 Trollius ledebourii in early summer and the contrasut between the red color of Pedicularis chamissonis var.rebunensis and Mt.Rishiri from summer to autumn are the highlights of this trail.
 Visitors to Momo-iwa Observatory can see the Momo-iwa (a Peach Rock.a gigantic 250-meter-high peach-shaped form ) and Neko-iwa (Cat Rock) bihind it.