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Course Going around the Capes of Rebun   Map
Cape Sukoton~Cape Sukai~Hamanaka

 Enjoy Rebun-atsumori-so flowers magnifcent scenery.
 The Rebun-atsumori-so flowe is found only on Rebun Island, and can be seen on the four-hour course.
 On this trail of approximately 12km, trekkers start at Cape Sokoton (the  northernmost limit of the spectes) and head to the Hmanaka bus stop via Cape Sukai while taking in seasonaly changing flowers and the exquisite views on the west coastof the island.
 Recommended higlights include the contrast between the coastline and the yellow color of Ligularia hodgsonii flowers in early autumn.
 Walkers can refresh themselves by collecting the unusual perforated shells found on Teppu's cool sandy beech.
 The clear blue sea off Cape Sukai draws trekkers toward the colony of Rebunatsumori-so.。